Sunday, November 17, 2013

Butter London's The Old Bill Review by Marcia from The Beauty Info Zone

I’m Marcia and I’m a nail polish fanatic. There are two problems with this – 1) I can’t really do my own nails, I’m a left handed klutz and 2) I’m quickly running out of room to store my collection. For years I wore pink or red polish. I was astounded when black and dark purples were introduced. I kept wondering how people could wear those shades. Slowly but surely I became converted and went to the dark side. Now my polishes range from those original sweet pinks to the deepest darkest shades with colors like Butter London’s The Old Bill in between.

The Old Bill is not a shade I’d ever had been attracted to in the old days but now I’m crazy about it. On Butter London’s website it’s described as a burnished copper with an antique patina. On my nails I see mostly a copper shade but it’s not a shiny penny copper. It has more interest than that. Sometimes I see a lot of gold in the polish. Sometimes I see a touch of pink. It has a touch of shimmer yet I’d never describe it as a shimmer polish. Nor would I describe it as a metallic polish even though it verges on being so. Instead it has an “old coin” appearance to it.

I love that Butter London has a dictionary to describe how they name their polishes. Here’s what they say about The Old Bill: “Brit slang for the police, also known as "coppers". While I’m not interested in the ‘coppers’ coming after me, if they just want to stop me and admire my copper patina nails, I’ll take that. Butter London polishes are now $15. I bought mine during an ULTA BOGO event.

If you are looking for an almost metallic, almost shimmer polish that applies like a dream without brushstrokes then you should consider Butter London The Old Bill as a choice. In spite of very little room left for more polish, Butter London is worth finding the space.

*Marcia is half of the blogging team at Beauty Info Zone ( As she freely admits she loves polish but she will also admit that she loves everything beauty related and goes a bit overboard. She’d love if you came by her blog to check out her nails and what else she can share with you.

Thank you so much Marcia!  Hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did!

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