Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jack O' Lantern Nail Art

Hi there, I'm Ishah from Ishah x Beauty :)

I am happy to be able to do a guest post for Jeanie and I hope you enjoy what I have for you!

As Halloween is coming up, I wanted to try out some fun and easy nail art and the first thing that popped into my mind was Jack O' Lantern Nails! So here is my attempt at putting the Halloween Pumpkin on my tips :) I used 2 coats of L'Oreal Boozy Brunch and a black nail art polish to draw the faces in. You don't have to get everything perfect, since you're trying to emulate the carved pumpkin and I know mine sure don't ever come out perfect :p Finish with a coat of top coat, but make sure you wait  for the faces to dry a bit so you don't end up smearing them.

It's easy, fun and perfectly screams Halloween! The only pumpkin I could find was a blue one (my two boys have a blue obsession) but you get the idea...

I'm already super excited for Halloween, although I haven't decided on a costume yet. But all the awesome nail art and makeup looks make the lead up to October 31st so much fun.

Ishah x Beauty

Thank you so much Ishah for the guest post!  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  You did a great job. Please show Ishah some love by leaving a comment below.  I will be back to blogging soon and I still have a few more guest posts I will show you in between my blog posts.  Thanks for your patience! xoxo Jeanie

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