Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lyme Disease has hit my family again! Please bear with me during my absence from my blog!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to explain my absence from my blog for the past month or so.  Please read to the end, lots of information here.  My sweet 20 year old Daughter Jayme, got really sick about 5 weeks ago, her health had been waning for months.  I finally went to the Doctor with her and demanded a Lyme Disease test for the very reason that I had seen the exact same symptoms before with myself.  I tested positive in 2003, after 5 years of pure hell with my health.

She was in the Doctors office that day getting the test and she basically crashed right there in the office, they had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital after her blood pressure was so low, her o2 stats was low and her heart wasn't beating right.  Several days later, her Lyme Disease test came back positive.  She was started on 21 days of antibiotics.

Since then, she's been put on a heart monitor, had an echo of her heart and she has an appointment with the Cardiologist next week.  She will see an Infectious Disease Dr as soon as they work her in and also an Orthopedic Dr because of her joints, especially her knees are in so much pain, she just cries sometimes.  In my experience, she will also end up at the Neurologist because of her headaches, I just hope the disease hasn't made it into her brain like it has mine.

This has been the worst nightmare for me as a Mother...I DO NOT want her to go through the hell I've been through since 1998 when I first got sick.  She also cries and is worried that she will end up like me.  Today, I also learned that my Husband's Cousin was worried about her Son who hadn't acted right since she pulled two ticks off of him in July.  After learning about Jayme, she promptly took her Son in and had him tested for Lyme Disease, his test also came back positive!  My Husband will be going in next week to be tested.  For those who don't know, Lyme Disease is 100% transmitted by tick bites.

To all the Doctors who told me over the years that Lyme Disease did not exist in North Carolina and that Chronic Lyme doesn't exist either...... and for the CDC who just recently admitted they have been under reporting the existence of it by 100%....may a thousand Lyme Disease infected ticks infest each and every one of your bodies.  Also, to the Insurance Companies that will barely pay for treatment, you deserve the same fate.  Yes, I am pissed!!!

Sorry for the long rant or whatever you want to call it, but if anyone you know have been bit by a tick, whether you have a rash or not (less than 50% do) or if you are having flu like symptoms in the Summer or Fall when the flu is not really around, go get yourself tested.  And don't let anyone tell you it doesn't exist in your state. Here's a link to the CDC's website, even though they are still behind on updating their website and are probably still "under reporting", it does have some good information.  I'll include a few more links to websites that will tell you the truth about the disease.

Thanks for listening, I've been needing to say this for a while.  I want to thank the ladies who have written Guest Posts for me, I will be getting them scheduled soon to post.  And hopefully, I will get back to blogging full time very soon.  To the Brands and PR companies that have sent me products to review, thank you for your patience....there's no worse feeling as a blogger when you have a desk full of products waiting to be reviewed and you don't have the time, energy or a brain that will function to review about anxiety!

Just one more rant....I had a "so called friend" who was supposed to write for my blog and when I needed her most....she took a bunch of products as a representative for my blog and then flaked on me.  She won't give the products back to me or to the Brand/PR's that provided them.  She used me for a totally free ride to a trade show and vacation in Vegas, where again she was supposed to represent me, just to promote her brand and to get into other events she otherwise wouldn't have gotten into without my blog name....and then lied about it all to people saying it was me..... I can live with it, can she?  She did do 5 posts in 4 months, but they were all about promoting her brand, so they've been deleted.  Yes, I did fire her, after everything I heard from other bloggers and what PR Rep's told me about her at events that she was supposed to represent me at and didn't.  I've kept mostly quiet about it until now because I've had more important things going on, but I think everyone should know about her business ethics or should that be lack of business ethics since she is a business.  She still owes me about $850 for her trip and for products I sent her and product's I've had to purchase to replace for review for brands. (Karma will be visiting her soon!)

Thanks most of all to my readers who have stuck by me, I will be back soon full-time and better than ever!


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