Monday, August 5, 2013

Wantable August 2013 Beauty Subscription Box #2

So....I accidentally made a mistake.  I didn't realized how the Wantable auto-ship program worked.  I went through and answered the questions again and ordered another box for August.  It's really not hard to understand or navigate their system, but if you know me....well...  Very pleasant mistake though.  Wantable was very quick to answer my email and even with my mistake, they reminded me of their easy return policy (see picture at bottom).  But after opening the box, who would have wanted to return it?  Not me!  This box contained 5 full-sized products and a generous sized sample.

Product List, front to back, left to right:
1.  Michael Marcus Red Velvet Lip Liner - Retail $19
2.  Susan Posnick Color Eye Define Bronze/Copper - Retail $26
3.  Brazen Cosmetics Loose Brow Powder in Jane - Retail $18
4.  Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Geisha Girl - Retail $15
5.  Manna Kadar Bronze Beauty Self Tanning Lotion - Sample
6.  Cala Retractable Blush Brush - Retail $10

Michael Marcus Nail Polish in Geisha Girl - This polish applied very smoothly and in 2 coats.  This is without a topcoat.  I really love this color and this is my first bottle of the brand.

(Please excuse my dry skin, no matter what I've used since the trip to Vegas, it still hasn't recovered!  It's time for major moisture therapy!)

Left to Right
Michael Marcus Lip Liner in Red Velvet - My first of makeup product by this brand too.  This color is gorgeous and it goes on smoothly.

Susan Posnick Color Eye Define Bronze/Copper - The left end of the brush is the Bronze color and it is like a eyeliner, the other end is the Copper color and it is an eyeshadow.  The color is in the cap and the brush is attached to the pencil.

Brazen Cosmetics Loose Brow Powder in Jane.  I used this powder again later on my actual eyebrows.  It worked great, stayed until I took it off and looked very natural.

Cala Retractable Blush Brush - This wonderful brush is going in my travel kit.  I may also use it by loading it up with the blush I use that day and sticking it in my purse for touch-ups.

Total value of this box?  $88...and I'm completely happy with paying $36 for it.  Two Wantable beauty boxes in one month and I didn't have a repeat of any products.  Wantable also has a jewelry subscription box, you can chose between the two, skip a month or cancel at any time.  You can also buy a 1 time box for $40.  I really like how you can narrow down what types of products you want and what you don't want.  Here's a picture that shows you their return policy and how you can set your preferences for products.

If you didn't get to see my review of the first August Wantable Box that I reviewed, here's a link to it Wantable August 2013 Subscription Beauty Box Review #1.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?  If so, which ones?  Do you have one you can recommend to me or would like for me to review?

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