Monday, July 1, 2013

What's In My Purse?

Recently, a group of us Beauty Bloggers got together to show you "What's In Our Purse".  We did a link up so you could see everyone else's too.  The link up it at the end of this post.  I'm always curious what others carry in their purse.  Mine was a total mess with a lot of things scattered and laying in the bottom, which makes things so hard to find.  When I saw a few others using bags to organize their purse with, I thought it couldn't hurt.

My purse is a Coach, which is one of my favorites because they are so sturdy.  I've never had a Coach purse give out on me.  I purchased this one at a Coach Factory Outlet for about $130.  My Daughter Jayme picked it out.

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This is what the inside of my purse looks like after I organized it in bags.  I usually have a few bags in my purse anyway...but now everything is organized perfectly.

This is the inside 2 pockets.  The one on the left holds my business card holder (I love my MOO cards!), an extra OPI lotion and hand sanitizer.  The pocket on the right holds my cell phone.

This is actually a pocket on the outside of my purse where I will put my keys.

Does anyone else's keys look like this?  At times mine has more trinkets.  Right now I have an OPI purse trinket and a Julep dog tag that they sent to all the Mavens in the 1 year anniversary box.  And of course all my discount cards.

My inside zip pocket is empty right now except of one thing.  It's a hand carved cross that a Missionary gave me in a Doctor's office years ago.  I can't remember what country it came from now, but he told me it would keep me safe.  Also, I usually carry some of my makeup of the day choices and stash other items in here when I'm in a hurry.

Next is a picture of all the bags and other items in my purse.  After I did this post I did do away with a few (both blue ones on the end).  The tool kit was a new item purchase from Sally Beauty Supply.  As you can see, I have a soft spot for leopard print.  Even my luggage is Guess leopard print.

The first bag is a bag from SOHO.  If I can recall right, it was sent out by Target with samples in it.  This bag holds all my cosmetics that stays in my bag.  Ocasionally, I will change things up.  I love lippies, some of these are from Urban Decay, Mirenesse, Milani and Jordana.  The compact on the left is Urban Decay De-Slick and the other is Clinique powder base.

The next bag was from Ipsy and it contains my drug store items and prescription that I carry extra with me.

Another leopard print bag Ipsy.  If you haven't joined Ipsy yet, it's a $10 a month charge, you get a bag full of 4-5 cosmetics!  Here's my link if you want to sign up IPSY.

In this bag is my hand and nail products.  My 2nd bottle of OPI lotion, 2nd bottle of hand sanitizer, a body lotion from Thymes, Julep Oxygen Nail Therapy, mini bottle of OPI nail polish, Julep Roll On Cuticle Oil, a Cynthia Rowley nail file that Tweezerman sent me for the Tweezerman Ambassador program and a Julep nail polish remover pad.

This bag is also from Ipsy.  It contains my hair products.  Rock Your Hair Spray It Hard, A brush from Sally Beauty Suppy, Revlon comb, Beauty Tool Kit from Sally Beauty Supply and a hair band that came in one of my Julep Maven Boxes (I love the little extras they put in there monthly).

This is my wallet.  I purchased it from Steinmart on sale.  I have many wallets from different brands, but this one just seems to meet my needs most.

My Guess prescription glasses and sunglasses (not prescription).

Next is another bag that was sent to me by Target.  I put my receipts, extra business cards, coupons, pens and my bag holder in it.  This was one that I did away with and put these items in my pockets in my purse or other bags.

This is a Sonia Kashuk bag that Target sent to me.  It was holding my extra pair of sunglasses.  I just decided to leave them in my car.  It has a special place in my car that holds sunglasses.  So this bag isn't in my purse either.

So, did you enjoy this post?  I know it's a little different than what I normally do.  I want to keep things exciting and different on Midnight Manicures.  Check out the other ladies posts in the links below and leave me a comment and tell me your thoughts and "What's in YOUR purse?".

*The items in my purse were either sent as Press Samples or Purchased by Me.  Affiliate links have also been used in the post.

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