Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mirenesse Cosmetics June 2013 Subscription Beauty Box

As you know by now, I love my beauty box subscriptions.  I recently just became aware of the VIP Mirenesse Box from Australia and thought I would give it a try.  From what I understand Mirenesse is one of Australia's top beauty brands.  It is a little more expensive to get it shipped to the USA, but as long as it's quality products and they are worth the cost, I don't mind.  Of course it takes a little longer to get, I think this is June's box and I've had it for a week or so.  You have 3 choices, all cosmetics, all skincare or a combination box.  I chose the all cosmetics.

From Top to Bottom, L-R  Studio Magic BB Coverall Multicorrection Palette, 10th Anniversary Forever Diamonds Powder, Lip Balm Glossy Stain Lacquer and Auto Eye/Lip Liner Duet.

The Mirenesse 10th Anniversary Forever Diamonds Powder - Retail $44.96 , this is a light-weight translucent finishing powder that also reduces your pores and leaves you with a flawless finish.  I haven't tried this yet.  I've not even put on a full face of makeup since Cosmoprof.  But it looks a feels great swatched on my arm.  Will review this in a separate post along with the other products.

This says it is a limited edition.

Studio Magic BB Coverall Colour Palette #2 - Retail $53.95.  I'm looking forward to trying this concealer palette as I do have different needs in different areas of my face.  It does come with it's own applicators, a sponge and small brush.

Auto Eye/Lip Liner Duet - Retail $31.50.  I think i will really enjoy this, one pencil...dual use.  The Lip Liner is in Rose Flirt and the Eye Liner is in Ebony.

Glossy Lacquer Stain Lip Bomb in Pink #4 - Retail $35.10  This feels so good on my lips and the color lasts.  I didn't time it, but longer than most and it is very pigmented!

L-R, Auto Eye/Lip Liner Duet in Ebony/Rose Flirt and Lip Bomb Glossy Stain Lacquer in Pink #4.

I really am enjoying my first VIP box from  It is $26 per month which includes shipping from Australia, I think residents of Australia pay $15 per month.  They are always running some kind of special and right now on their website it says 70% off everything.  I haven't tried putting anything in my cart yet, but I just may :)

What do you think about the products?  Have you tried them before or will you in the future?

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