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Cosmoprof North America 2013 - Day 2

Hi Everyone,

Day 2 of Cosmoprof North America 2013 was a very busy one.  I will write individual posts on almost every brand I visited and reviewing for and my Interviews with Zoya, Dita Von Teese and other celebrities and brand owners.  

It was amazing that I got to spend quality time twice with Zoya, she is a very sweet, intelligent and amazing woman.  I have 3 new Zoya collections to share with you and maybe a small giveaway to do too.  

This was before my interview with Roni Josef, owner of Obliphica, John Blain, famous hair stylist and Dita Von Teese, famous Burlesque Dancer who also has her own line of cosmetics, perfumes, lingerie and so much more.  You can see the press was on them like crazy (and this was only a part of them), but I had my own interview with them.  I will also review the Obliphica Hair Care line and let you know the secret of what makes it work so well.

Click the READ MORE button to see the rest of our exciting day!

Orly had a Celebration for the Creator Jeff Pink, who also created the French Manicure.  I learned how Mr. Pink started 38 years ago, what/who inspired him to name his product Orly and to what it's become today.  I'll will also share with you all the new collections coming out and maybe have a small giveaway.

Morgan Taylor is a new Nail Lacquer line started by 2 sisters that are Daughters from the Gelish Creator.  I will have lots of reviews from this new line and tell you a little more about the Sisters who started it.

With Gel Mani's becoming more popular and more readily available to the public to do their own at home.  I learned a lot about them from Gelish and will bring you some step by step tutorials and also their newest neon colors coming out.

Nubar has been one of my favorite polish lines since I got heavily back into polish about 3 years ago.  This is one of their new collections Alter Ego.  I will have more new collections and reviews for you soon.

Color Club and Ruby Wing have so many new and exciting collections coming out.  I have pictures so far and will also bring you reviews since I am a part of their Blogger Club.

Another new line of Nail Lacquers is Precision.  This creator knows her stuff and has many new collections out that I will review and share with you!

Palladio Herbal & Vitamin Enriched Cosmetics are professional, but sold in Sally Beauty Suppy and are very reasonably priced.  They have a huge collection to chose from.  While I was there visiting with International Makeup Artist Ramon, he gave me tips and tried a few products on me.  Will bring you the reviews and pictures soon.

I had no idea that L.A. Colors and L.A.Girl were so big!  It took them an hour or more to show and tell me about all their products.  I will bring you more pictures and info in a new post and also reviews of some of the newer products.

Essie people were very secretive and would not let me take pictures...but I did get 20 minutes with  their Guy who was over the Gel products, sadly they aren't available to the public. 

City Color was another drug store brand that shocked me in the variety of products they actually sell.  I had only seen just a few like nail polishes in the stores.

Blue Cross Products produces the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover that so many people rave about.  Also, their products include Island Girl (only sold in Vegas and Hawaii), Savina Nail Polish, the snowmen and pumpkin polishes sold in drug stores.

This concludes the condensed version of Day 2 at Cosmoprof.  It was very busy and tiring but I can't wait to do it again next year!

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