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Cosmoprof North America 2013 - Day 1

Hi Everyone!

I am back from Cosmoprof North America 2013, and had a blast!  It was so big and I have so many things to tell you about that I'm splitting it up into the 3 days of coverage and individual reviews on many brands products and services.  This was my first CPNA.  Even though I had been told how big it was, you just can't even imagine and you have to see it for yourself!  

Once inside, I was greeted with this beautiful huge tile hanging.

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The first place I stopped was the new Beautique Display.  I love the reasoning behind this new feature at Cosmoprof.  More about this in a separate post.

Then, I had an appointment with American Industries which includes many brands like China Glaze, Ardell Lashes, Seche, Gigi, It's So Easy and many more.  (Several separate posts will be done.)  I have so many new products I can go ahead and share with you and a few that I can't just yet, but you will love them all.

Here's a picture of me getting fake eyelashes put on at the Ardell Lash Bar.  I received a new set each of the 3 days.  I have never worn them before but I will from now on.  

Next I met with Barielle and their representative Claudia.  We were able to see the new collections coming out and I can't wait to share those with you!

Next meeting was with Jessica Cosmetics and their next collections are breathtaking.  I also met Jessica Vartoughian herself and have a great picture to share with you in my posts.

Dare to Wear/LeChat Nails is a new product to me and I learned so much from my time with them, as soon as I get samples, I will review them and let you know what my thoughts are on them.

Also met with many Cosmetic companies like NYX, they had a huge booth full of displays.  I will be reviewing many products for them too.

theBalm is also fairly new to me, I have 1 or 2 products that I've received in subscription boxes, but can't wait to try more of their products.

A newer company called FOG Cosmetics offers many different palette choices, you will be amazed at the stylish and beautiful compacts that you have to choose from.  And the smaller palettes are removable so you can switch compacts.  Of course, more on this product in another post.

Stopped by the Royal and Langnickel booth and took a few pictures and left my card with them.  They have several brush sets that I'd love to try out from the Gem Collection.

Amika is a new company that uses 15 times more Vitamin C in their product than present in an orange.  I'm sure you will be hearing a lot more about this brand in the future.

I stopped by the Rock Your Hair booth.  I'm already reviewing their products and love them, but it was nice to meet the people behind this great products.  The packaging they use with the heart shaped rhinestones are just beautiful.

Another appointment was with Age Beautiful Hair product which I am very interested in.  They are owned by Zotos and I was amazed at how many products they have that I'm already familiar with.

I dropped in this little booth that sells to other companies products like cosmetic applicators.  I just loved the retractable beauty sponges that looked like lipstick containers.

Someone was being treated to an eye lash extension product from Cherry Blooms of Australia that works like mascara but looks like fake eyelashes.

Another booth I stopped by was the Solone Cosmetics booth.  The packaging was so cute!

At some point in the long day, I received temporary glitter tattoos from The Body Art Professional booth.  I'll show you which tattoo I received and let you know if it held up to their claims.

Another booth I stopped by was called Toni Ties.  They make the cute little hair ties that don't pull your hair or fall out easily, which I love.  Now they are making no slip, no pain headbands!

Last, but certainly not least and actually one of the highlights of the whole show was a Meet and Greet with Zoya herself!!!  On day two, I actually got to sit down with Zoya and interview her for about an hour.  I will have pictures and highlights of the interview coming up soon.  This is a post you will not want to miss.

This concludes Day 1 of @CosmoprofNA.  Remember to check back for Day 2 and 3 and individual posts on most of the brands that we visited.

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