Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Press Release - Le Metier de Beauty Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector

The Beauty of a Second Chance: Give Skin a Do-Over
Introducing Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector from Le Métier de Beauté
A second chance, a do over – have you ever wanted one? Chances are, you have.
There is no rewind in life, unfortunately. But now there happens to be one for skin. Featuring a potent blend of ingredients – never used before in a Dark Spot Corrector – plus Le Métier de Beauté’s patented delivery technology SYNTOC ACTIF, damaged, uneven skin is a thing of the past. Give skin a redo with the NEW Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector

Most of us have something we are craving to undo – whether it’s spots from overexposure to sun, post-acne marks from our teenage years or pesky skin imperfections and uneven skin tone from aging – now it’s possible. With Le Métier de Beauté’s Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector, skin is given a transforming rewind. In just 28 days, experience the beauty of a second chance. Here’s how.

It starts with the ingredients, specifically a powerful skin lightening and protection complex that combines 1% Retinol and 1% Hexyleresorcinol. 

·         Benefits of 1% Retinol – decreases acne scars and photo-aging from sun, diminishes the appearance of discoloration and reveals lighter pigmentation with each treatment
·         Benefits of 1% Hexylresorcinol – said to be four times more effective than Hydroquinone, protects skin’s collagen by reducing glycation, effectively treats hyper-pigmented skin

Next is Le Métier de Beauté’s breakthrough delivery technology: SYNTOC ACTIF. With this, skin is able to yield the full benefits of Peau Vierge Dark Spot Corrector’s efficacious ingredients. Why? Syntoc Actif encapsulates and transports key actives more efficiently than any other comparable product on the market.

·         Benefits of Syntoc Actif – delivers ingredients into the skin quicker and more effectively, deeper penetration and better performance without irritation, anti-inflammatory properties, no harsh side effects

In just 28 days uneven skin tones will reap the benefits of this powerful trio: 1% Retinol + 1% Hexylresorcinol + Syntoc Actif.
·         Even toned, smoother looking skin
·         Dramatically reduces dark spots, post-acne marks, sun damage and skin imperfections
·         Effectively brightens and illuminates complexion
·         Diminishes hyperpigmentation and scarring

Available March 2013 at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Select Saks and Nordstrom Stores. $125

*Press Release

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