Friday, February 22, 2013

How to choose a Verragio designer engagement ring

Have you considered all your options when choosing an engagement ring?  Thirty years ago when I got married, there was only one choice, go to your local jewelry store and pick one out of the case.  If it wasn't your size, you had to wait for it to be sized and hope that it looked as nice as it originally did from being stretched or where material was taken away.  

Today, you have so many more options.  You can still go to your local jeweler, shop at a discount store or buy online from a trusted and reputable company.  Best of all, you can now order online a designer ring.

Verragio Insignia Collection INS-7074R

WhiteFlash offers some of the finest designer engagement rings in the world today.  You can choose your setting from five world class designers such as Verragio, Ritani, Vatche, Leon Mege and Benchmark, then let them build your dream ring from top quality materials.  Craftsmanship and style is top notch and don't we deserve the best when it comes to the symbol of our love?  Engagement rings by Verragio are some of the most popular designs.

One of the designers that stands out to me is Barry Verragio.  He has vaulted to the top with his creations that features curves of European influence and decorative elements inspired by Italian and French art and architecture.  His philosophy behind the designs is what makes him so hugely popular. 

Barry explains his philosophy this way:  “I would never make a mounting that’s going to take away from the intrinsic beauty of the diamond, so we emphasize the main and side stones.  It’s similar to the concept of a woman going out in the evening.  If she knows her style and knows her strong points, she chooses a dress that will enhance her beauty, not detract from or overwhelm it.  That’s what the Verragio philosophy is about”.

Verragio PAR-3077CU Engagement Ring

Verragio Couture rings offer a very unique and beautiful design.  It features his signature Lumino setting where the center diamond is secured with four prongs that elevates the diamond above the band and the setting.  Each facet of the diamond will be exposed to light and results in the ultimate reflection of sparkle and brilliance. Verragio Couture rings feature a signature crown shaped bezel just beneath the center stone.  

This has to be one of my favorites of all.  I think it's time to retire my 30 year 1/4 carat ring for the beauty below, it will make a great anniversary ring.  Of course I will keep my original, there's nothing that can replace it in my heart, but today's designs are just so beautiful compared to those so long ago.

Verragio Couture Engagement Ring

If you live in Houston, Texas area or will be close by, stop in WhiteFlashes showroom where you can see these beautiful rings in person.  They won the 2012 BBB's Pinnacle award for the best jeweler in Houston.


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