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3 Steps to the Perfect Brow by Jessica of InTruBeauty

Tonight, we have Guest Blogger Jessica from InTruBeauty giving us tips on how to have the perfect brows.  This is something I am struggling with as I get older and my eyebrows are getting thinner.  Thank you Jessica for your wonderful post and I hope you get a lot of positive comments from my readers.  The link to her blog is at the bottom of the post if you'd like to follow.

3 Steps to the Perfect Brow:
Your brows are such an important part of your face that often get neglected. The right maintenance, tools and products however can put that perfect finishing touch on any look by shaping your entire face and making your eye area appear more lifted. As we age, we may notice our brows getting thinner, so the proper care early on is key. 

1. Condition your brows 
Billion dollar brows,,  is a great brow brand and they have a conditioning product. Another option is to use Vaseline on both your brows and lashes. Vaseline can actually make your lashes grow, or can prevent them from falling out as we age.  You can also buy Vitamin E in oil form which will act as a conditioner for your brows. 

2. Pluck, shape, wax or thread.
There are many different options for brow maintenance, you have to experiment and pick which one works best for you. My preference is to have my brows waxed every 2-3 months and then tweeze in the meantime to keep up the waxed shape. Some of my favorite tweezers are Tweezerman brand as they have super sharp precision tips and many different kinds of tweezers for every need. 

How do you go about getting your brows waxed? Go to a salon that you trust, tell them exactly what you want. If you are nervous about having too thin of brows, emphasize you want something natural and do not want too much taken off. Then next time, you can get a more extensive wax based on your comfort level. I've tried at home wax kits and in my opinion, they don't compare to getting your brows done professionally. A good wax usually costs around $15-20 or more, which may seem like a lot, but it is actually one of the cheapest and quickest ways to improve your look. As you get older and the skin around this delicate eye area looses some elasticity, you may want to stay away from waxing so you don't damage the skin at all. I have never had threading done, but that is an option as well.  The correct arch can make the eye area appear lifted and give you back some of those years! 

Shaping your brows alone can be difficult and stressful. Billion dollar brows has a tool included in their kit  called the Brow Buddy which comes with a white pencil so that you can mark and shape your brows perfect. Another favorite product, ybf (your best friend) universal brow pencil also comes with a how to guide, part of which is pictured below
3. Fill in your brows
There are many brow products that come in the form of a brow pencil, powder, gel, marker and more. My personal preference is for a pencil or marker. I have in a pinch used some matte brown eyeshadow instead of buying a specific brow powder. The absolute easiest product in my opinion is Laura Geller's Brow Marker. If you are going to get a pencil, I prefer ybf and billion dollar brows. They are both universal pencils meaning the lighter or harder your press, a different color you get, taking the guess work out of picking a color. These are great for everyday simple looks or for a more dramatic night out. I often find after I do a dramatic eye look that it just doesn't look right until I fill my brows in. As for a gel product, I really like Per-fekt brand Brow Perfection Gel. Go along with the natural shape of your brow. Start out with a less dramatic look so you don't shock those around you. Don't fill in the brow above the natural brow line.

I hope these tips helped. I never gave much attention to my brows until a few years ago, but as you can see it really does make a difference in lifting that eye area. Looking for more tips from me? Be sure to check out my blog, InTrubeauty at

Yours in Trubeauty, 



  1. That's a great eyebrow look! I really like how you achieved it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I liked this post a lot, who knew you had to condition your brows!


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