Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Updates - Let's chat!

Hi Everyone!

I think I'm back to posting on a more consistent basis, thanks for sticking with me.  I have so many new and exciting products to show you and also some older ones that I think deserve a post too.  Let me know by commenting below what you would like to see, whether it's new nail polish brands, nail art, cosmetics, skin care, tips, tutorials, my favorite products or suggest something new that you haven't seen me do.

The puppies are doing great and starting to go to their new homes and my health seems to be stable right now.  I've got some weight to lose and healthy eating habits that I need to follow.  I've gotten to the point that to where this really matters, it's been one of those AH HA moments (Paula Deen comes to mind).

I have been working on my social media outlets, I've changed over to Feedblitz for my RSS service and email.  I will change my daily and weekly newletters/emails if you already subscribe, so look out for the new format in a few days.  If you don't already subscribe by email, click the email icon on the sidebar, this way you don't miss a thing..  I'm also trying to figure out what's up with Facebook and who and when they show my posts to.  Anyway, drop me a note, leave a comment, lets talk!


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  1. Facebook is really yuck right now - the news feed is no longer going to show folks everything. There is a special interest feature now that is for many users, kind of complex for them to set up or know which groups/pages they have subscribed/liked/joined they might need to do this for - and then it's just another place users of FB have to remember to go and look at each day or however often they look at their FB - it puts things like say nails into an interest group, music into an interest group, art etc, etc into different interest lists inside that FB users options - and do do this, FB users have to go to every page and hover their mouse over like..then something pops up after a bit of fussing with that hover and there you get this option for interest I am referring to. Like I said, it's a big old mess. I think your idea of directing folks to the RSS feed of their choice, or email option is good. Many folks (like me) forget to look at the RSS feed subscriptions or leave it (like me) until all the email is done and if there is no more time in the days that turn into weeks, forget the RSS readers!

    For me, I like to see polish colors (old and new), your reviews of collections or parts of, nail art off/on is fun too IMO. I like nail art that is seasonal mostly. I like to see little about cosmetics mostly because I know what I like and it's rare I will purchase anything I read a blog review on - ditto that for skin & hair care...but I am very picky on stuff like that and spend years and tons of $ on stuff in those areas I never used and now I have things much more streamlined to what works for me and I will use.


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