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Questions To Ask From Your Hair Removal Technician

Today, I have a guest post from Aleya about hair removal.  I want to thank her for taking the time to share with us a subject that so many of us wonder about.

I have been performing laser and electrolysis hair removal in New York for seven years now but have just now moved my practice to VS1 salon in Long Island. Most of the people who want to do hair removal generally ask the same questions and Jeanie has been kind enough to allow me to share this information with you. 

More and more women are looking for a fast and effective way to get rid of their unwanted hair. As a certified laser and electrolysis technician, I’ve been asked a lot of questions that overlap by the majority of my clients. However, there are a few questions that I don’t get very often simply because people either don’t think to ask them or don’t know that they should. It’s important that you ask the specialist that you’re going to these questions because your results and safety are affected by them.

If You’re Interested In Electrolysis Hair Removal

1. . I have sensitive skin. Is there anything that I can do to reduce the chances of getting scabs?

Some women complain that they get scabs which make them look as if they’ve gotten cuts and are healing after an electrolysis treatment. While this is totally normal, no one likes to walk around with marks on their skin and the best way to avoid this is to ask the technician to use a gold probe when she’s working on you. A probe is an object that looks like a needle and is inserted into your hair follicle in order to shoot the electricity directly into the root in order to kill it. While most people are ok with the silver probe, the gold ones work wonders on sensitive people assuring them a more comfortable and less obvious treatment.

2. I have scabs from the treatment. How can I speed up the healing process?

If you do see scabs and want to get rid of them head to your local pharmacy and purchase a tube of Neosporin. The Neosporin is the best tool that you can use to heal cuts and bruises faster than if you didn’t use anything at all. For best results, use it once or twice a day for as long as you need it.

3. Do you change the probe with every session?

First and foremost, the technician should NEVER use the same probe on you as she did on someone else. This is completely unhygienic and can be as dangerous as using the same needle on someone. It’s also important that you get a new probe with every session because these tools do break, bend and go bad in general. When this happens you don’t get as good of a treatment and can actually get scars that don’t heal for a very long time.

4. Do you have different sized probes?

Just like there are different thicknesses for hair, there are different probe thicknesses that ensure you a better session and in the long run results. Probes start at a size two which are meant to be used on very fine hairs and go up to a size five which are to be used on very thick hairs such as bikini hairs. In general size three is the most common.

5. How often should I come in to get results?

The shorter the hairs are the weaker they are so you should see your electrologist once a week or every two weeks so that they hairs don’t get long and strong. If you’re going to your appointments once a month or every few months, you won’t be doing yourself a service and will be going for treatments for a very long time.

6. If I can’t come in as often as I should but need to get rid of the hair quickly, what should I do?

Have a wedding, party or date to go to but can’t make it in for an appointment? Whatever you do, do not shave, wax or tweeze because you’re going to make the hairs stronger. Instead, use a fine scissor to cut the hairs as close to your skin as possible.

If You’re Interested In Laser Hair Reduction

1. Do you do laser or IPL?

Laser and IPL are often confused but are actually two different forms of hair reduction. Laser is safer and in general gives better results. Some technicians like to alternate between the two because they feel that you get a better treatment but there is no guarantee.

2. Do you do test shots?

The reason that you do a test shot is to make sure that you don’t burn so make sure that you do this before starting your actual treatments. The technician will try a few different numbers on you to see how high she can go on you. Again, do not skip this step or you may be sorry later.

3. What kind of results can I expect to see?

Laser companies guarantee 30 to 70% of hair reduction. You may see more depending on your coloring and the thickness of the hairs but there’s a pretty good chance that you won’t be seeing 100% reduction.

4. How many sessions will I need?

Most people need seven treatments, however if you have a darker skin tone then you may need eight or nine. If the technician tells you that you need to go back for sessions until you’re done and they don’t know how many you will need then get out of there. I can’t tell you how many girls tell me that they went for something between fifteen and twenty treatments.

5. What do I do after my treatments are finished?

For two years you should see the results that you saw after your last treatment. After that time some of the hairs may come back but there will be fewer of them and they will be sparser. In order to keep up the results, you will have to go in for one touch up session every year to make the hairs inactive again.

6. How should I prepare for a session?

Go to your appointment straight out of the shower and completely shaved. Do not use any lotions, perfume or oils on or near the areas that you want to work on because if they contain alcohol in them you will burn. You should shave the day of your appointment so that the heads of the hairs don’t stand out of your skin because they can singe your body. If you’re doing your underarms don’t wear any deodorant because it may contain aluminum in it which will burn your skin.

Whether you decide to go with laser or electrolysis it’s important that you go to someone that you trust and feel comfortable with. Good luck and stay beautiful.

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