Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Other Love

As much as I love blogging about nail polish, makeup, skin care and other beauty and fashion related things...I have been cheating lately with my other love.  If you didn't know, we are the proud owners of 8 Havanese.  And on August 24, 2012, Chloe & Oreo had a litter of 7 males....YES 7 boys!  They are full of mischief and one myth which I find is true, is that boys are more loving (need more love and attention) than girls in this breed.  Do I have my hands full?  Yes I do, and loving every minute of it.  Sometimes I wonder how my nails survive puppies, sometimes they don't.  Bathing 7 long haired puppies, sometimes daily if needed, grooming, feeding and showing each one as much love as I can does a lot of damage to your hands, nails and cuticles.  I wash my hands so much that I go through bottles of hand cream and cuticle oil during this time.

Are you wondering how I even have time to blog at all, well right now 6 of them are laying beside of my desk sleeping.  The 7th is sleeping in my bed in a box that I made specially for him with a puppy heater underneath, he is the runt.  I have had to hand feed him, I still am amazed that he survived.  My daughter tells me that I have a new baby.  He is thriving, but so much smaller than the others.  At 5 1/2 weeks he's 10.8 oz, his brothers range from 30 to 36 oz..  They will start going to their homes the 3rd-4th week of Oct.  I will be so sad!  But I choose my puppy buyers very carefully!  Anyway, on to the pics....go ahead and fall in love, I bet you can't resist!

This little puppy is snuggling up to a lady bug pillow pet.  He loves it.

This is the 4 black and white Parti Puppies, All Male.  Aren't they Cute!

Here's the 3 Sable Tri -Colors Males.  As you can see the puppy on the bottom is the runt.  He is so much smaller.

You can check the progress of these puppies on celestialhavanese.com.  I know several of you have pups or raise them too.  I'll be sad when they are gone because there's no better feeling to be sitting here at the computer and have a whole litter of beautiful puppies laying on your feet.  Comments are welcome!  If you have time go check out my puppy site, it's in a blog format too.  I'm going to try to be more interactive on it soon, so follow me and stay updated on all things puppies!



  1. So sweet! I have 3 dogs myself and they are my babies.

  2. what a sweet pupies! i can't have it,but i hope i will have it one day


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