Friday, September 7, 2012

Maijan Argan Oil

One of my favorite products recently has been Argan Oil.  It has so many uses, for hair, skin, face and cuticles.  The Maijan Argan Oil is made with pure organic Argan Oil from Morocco.  It is naturally infused with omega-6, antioxidants and vitamin E which provide the skin and hair with complete hydration and luxurious healing powers.  The oils are instantly absorbed, leaving little residue.

I love this for my hair which I abuse daily with washing, blow drying and either a hot iron or curling iron, not to mention it's color treated.  It helps keep it shiny and nourished with out feeling weighted down or oily.  I use it on my face after I use a scrub masque but can be used more often.  Best of all, with all the swatching of nail polish, it keeps my hands and cuticles in great shape. 

The oil comes in both in a regular formula and fragrance free.  It can be found at and exclusively online at, it retails for $39.95, but is currently on sale for $25.  Do you use Argan Oil?  If so, what are your best uses for the product?

*This product was provided for my review.


  1. I never tried any hair products with oil based before, because I always afraid that it will makes my hair looks greasy :(

  2. Use a little dab at a time, concentrating on the ends, and it just smooths the hair out instead of making it look greasy. I have tried several different types/brands of oils on my hair and this works for all of them. Plus it makes it so soft!

  3. I've only really used it on my hands and cuticles. Like you and others have said, I guess it's great for hair, but I haven't tried it myself yet. I have some from Julep, so now I think I should try it!

  4. I also love Aragon oil. I read on another nail blog just recently to beware of the Aragon oils made for your hair as they will have silicon(silica)in them usually and this blog said silicon was not good for your nails. I thought that was odd. I am a clinical laboratory scientist and went fact checking. I only came up with pretty OK things for silicon and nails. I like to use one by Jose Maran that is just for the hair - it lets me go much longer between needing to shampoo than the 100% Aragon oil does. It does have a little silicon in it to help with shine of the hair and hold down the fly-aways. The one Jose Mara makes for hair has a wonderful smell to it as it has some oil of geranium added to it for scent. It does a lot better job in my hair (which is also a mess from highlights and using the blow dryer on it too high temp and trying to do it faster so I take off the diffuser...and ditto I want the surf curls so out comes the curing iron - try as I do, cannot make it work with round brushes now that my hair is longer and really, really thick as it ever has been in my life (who would have thought after chemo and radiation I would have so much hair - but I think it's the WEN I use for cleansing my hair - it does not tapper out to thin on the ends anymore like it used to). I keep the non hair Aragon oil for the rest of my body. Then I have one that has no Aragon oil but has Hemp seed oil, tea tree oil, soybean, avocado, jojba, apricot oils, vit e, and a little rosemary in it. If I get a torn cuticle or a paper cut that hurts like heck - this oil heals it and instantly takes down the pain not for just a 30 min period but it's goners completely. It's called Miracle Oil made by Earthy Body. I see it in most all the health food stores and many beauty supply places (not Sallys) that I have been into. I have never found anything that kills the friz in my hair like Aragon oil! I like to slather it on my feet too and put them in those cotton sleep soxs when the weather gets cooler - too hot now at night to be wearing sox! I am still sleeping without a sheet - no AC where I live as we only have 1 month of 80 and 90s housing does not have AC - only get it in grocery stores and some govt buildings. I think many folks are hesitant to try oils thinking they will feel greasy or come back up to the top of the skin during the day. I find some do but generally they have not been pure. Body oils have a wide range like everything out there - some work better for others some work not well at all.


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