Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Barielle - Dazzling Diamonds Collection

Just as promised, a 2nd collection from Barielle this week!  Everyone knows how hot glitter polishes are now and Barielle clearly delivers on theirs.  I used 2 coats of all the glitters with a base of Seche Clear and top coat of Seche Vite.  I love my Barielle nail treatments, but I save them for when I wear the mani's and not waste them swatching.  I did not use any undies as I wanted to show you the polish alone, it can also be worn on top of a color or in a jelly sandwich.

L-R, Stardust, Pink Diamond, Cherry Blossom Sparkler, Ebony Rainbow & Purple Hearts

Stardust - A scattered holographic multi-glitter in a jelly base.

Pink Diamond - A pink glitter that can be built up to be opaque.

Cherry Blossom Sparkler - A red glitter that can be built up to be opaque.

Ebony Rainbow - A dark multi-glitter in a jelly base.

Purple Hearts - A jelly based multi-sized purple glitter.

As my collection of Barielle's keep growing, I haven't found one yet that I didn't want to keep!  They are so all so unique.  You can follow Barielle on their Facebook page where they are very interactive with their fans and offer frequent promo's and contests.  The collections are $25 for a set of 5 which is a savings of $5 even with their ususal B1G1 50% off. 

Are you a glitter girl?  I know I am.  My favorites from this collection is Stardust and Purple Hearts.  Which is your favorite and how do you like to wear glitters?

*Product was provided for my review.


  1. Lovely collection... even though I'm a bit biased due to my glitter obsession ;)

  2. These are so sparkly. :D And your nails are to die for, girlie!!!

  3. Amanda, my glitter collection of polishes is outrageous!

    Kimberly, thanks so much. I filed them all the way down to nubbins 2 recently so I could help deliver and take care of the puppies, thank goodness they grow fast.

  4. Those are so pretty! I am on such a glitter kick lately and these would be great additions to my collection for sure!

  5. The clear and the purple goes right onto my wish list :)


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