Thursday, June 21, 2012

BirchBox - June 2012

Just wanted to show you what I got in my Birchbox this month.  I had cancelled it for a few months but started it back 2 months ago and glad I did.  Birchbox is a monthly subscription service for $10.  Sometimes you get full sized products or generous sample sized products, usually higher end products which is good to try before you buy.

It's always nicely packaged.

Loved this months products!

Here's the card that comes with it, I won't go into listing each product 
because you can read it yourself.  Click on the photo to enlarge.

On the left is the Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tint in 03 Madge
Mauve, loved the feeling on my lips, not tacky at all.   On the right
is theBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen, can be used on Lips or Cheeks.
This is a stain, and while I personally loved it for my lips, I don't think
I would try it on my cheeks, it stained my hand for 2 days.

If you would like to give Birchbox a try, they also have a box for men now, just click on one of the links or the link in my sidebar.  *I do get bonus points if you click my link.  Have you tried Birchbox or any other subscription boxes?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I got the same box, except I got the lip balm in a different color and the lifestyle extra bag in a different pattern.

  2. I got the same box as well! I liked the stain a lot better than the balm, but I'm just more of a stain fan anyway..


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