Monday, March 26, 2012

Sinful Colors Cinderella and NK Mystical

Tonight's mani starts off with Sinful Colors Cinderella.  This is probably my favorite color from this brand.  It is light blue with small pink shimmers/glitters in it.  This was 2 coats of polish and no top coat.  The polish went on smoothly and I was very happy with the end results.  Cinderella is available at Walgreen's and retails for $1.99.

 About the same time I was fortunate to come across a brand I had not heard about or used before, NK Nail Enamel.  This can be found in beauty supply stores for about $1 a bottle.  This color is Mystical, a scattered holographic topcoat.  I used 1 coat over the Cinderella to add even more sparkle.

Have you found your Cinderella yet?  It was kind of HTF for awhile because everyone was hunting it.  What do you think of this inexpensive mani?  I'm kinda loving it!


  1. I picked this polish up a month ago and it's still untried. I love it on you though! I definitely will use it soon. I love Sinful Colors, I have 21 so far and plan on more on my next walgreen's trip. :)

  2. I also have played with Cinderella (my only Sinful other than a couple glitters)...and used some light toppers to try and bring up the subtle sparkle in it. Yours looks nice.

  3. This is really pretty ...light, airy and happy looking for summer! I do have some Cinderella , haven't seen the NK brand in my area...but I'm sure I have something with small holo sparkles to top it with.

    Two thumbs (and eight fingers) up for your inexpensive manicure! :)

  4. I haven't tried my Cinderella yet. I also picked up a pale pink with the same shimmer at the same time that dances the same as Cinderella. Now I can't wait to try both and maybe add some flakies? You are an inspiration!

    <3 Shannon

  5. Gorgeous! I Love the combo!
    Yay for inexpensive polishes that look fabulous.

  6. Can't wait to get my own bottle of cinderella! The layering looks amazing :)


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