Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Atena and Zeus from the Hits No Olimpo Collection

Tonight's swatches are from the Hits No Olimpo Holographic Collection.  Hits is Brazilian brand polish and one of my favorites from there.  They also have beautiful multi-chomes and flakies, I'll bring you more of all the collections soon.

My first swatch is Atena, a hot pink linear holograhpic polish.
Coverage was opaque in 2 coats and went on smooth.

Second swatch is Zeus, a charcoal gray linear holographic polish.
Again, 2 coats and no top coat.  

 Atena on left, Zeus on right.  They are 6ml (small) bottles, but worth it!
I love the theme of this collection.

I know you are thinking, how do I get my hands on an International Polish, almost impossible until this past year unless you knew someone or did a swap.  You can get these right here in the US and other countries (excludes Italy) from now.  She carries many sought after International and Independent (Indie) brand polishes.  Shipping is very reasonable and free for orders over $50 in the US.  Check out her Facebook page at Llarowe.   Do you have Hits?  What are your thoughts about them?


  1. nice swatches! :)

    I should wear these soon!

  2. they are both gorgeous! I feel like wearing athena now!!

  3. I bought one off ebay. I probably spent too much but I was already buying from the seller. I don't remember the shade name (it's red) but it's beautiful.

  4. HOT HITS! I sure wish I could get lucky and hit the web sites that sell these in the US when they were in stock. Even with the email notices, i am always too late getting there.

  5. they look really pretty...
    between the link is not working


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