Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Skittle Manicure - OPI Mini Spookettes Collection & Water Decals

Tonight's manicure is a skittle of OPI's Mini Spookettes Collection and the water decals that came with them.  I never know which way to put the decals/sticker, for pictures I should have turned them the other way, but I'm the one who looks at my hands the most.  My thumb and ring finger are polished in He's My Boo, pointer and pinky are polished in I Only Date WereWolves, middle finger is polished in Mummy Knows Best and topped with the Glow In The Dark color Zom-Body To Love.  The water decals went on really easy after I figured out what they were...I first thought they were stickers.  Even with the mini's the application was smooth and even, I did use 3 coats with the white and orange, 2 with the black.  I topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite.  You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

OPI Mini Spookettes Collection

He's My Boo

Mummy Knows Best

I Only Date Werewolves
Zom-Body To Love (Glow In Dark)

What did you do for your Halloween Manicure?  Are you ready to move on and start the Christmas colors and theme's now?  Leave a comment, I always read them and answer if needed, love reading everyone's idea's and experiences.


  1. This design is awesome!! I love all the polishes u used! ;D

  2. completely in love with this design!

  3. I did a one mani for Halloween its on my blog. I did make up some ideas I did on swatch's but I didn't end up wearing them. I am so ready for Christ,as though!!

    This is such a cute halloween mani you did though!!

  4. I joined the Halloween nail art contest at nailnation.. I did some illustration of how halloween began hehe on my nails! :))

    I like those polishes.. and, you did a great job on that design. I love it!


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