Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guest Post - Halloween Manicure with Tricia

Halloween is here, so I decided to do a simple stamping design. I used a dark base color to begin with (red velvet) but did all my stamping in white. Usually when I stamp other colors unto a dark base color, the stamped color isn't as bright, so I usually stamp in white, then use my tiny brush and paint the actual color I want the stamped image to be. If stamped images are too intricate, you can just sponge on the actual color you want unto the white stamped image, which is what I did for the blood splatter in this design.

Things I used:
Color club's Red Velvet (this is a black polish loaded with fine red glitter)
China glaze Ruby Deer
Color Club's Art of seduction (red glitter)   
Stamping color- Konad white
Stamping plate- Konad M21, M28
2 red Rhinestones
Gold holographic top coat

1) Paint nail in Red Velvet
2) Stamp skull image using white stamping polish
3) Glue on 2 red rhinestones as eyes on skull
4) Stamp splatter image around skull using white stamping polish
5) Using the Sponging technique, apply Ruby Deer over the white stamped splatter image
6) Apply Art of Seduction in the middle of the splatter for a glittery red effect
7) At this point a top coat is used, I love glitter so I used a gold hologram top coat.

Konad Stamping plates and polishes can be bought online at shipping with purchase of $20 or more)
Color clubs and china glaze colors can be bought at have a wide variety of nail polishes and nail related items at affordable prices and always have all the new collections as soon as they come out)
Rhinestones can be bought at, my new favorite nail decal store.

To follow Tricia on her facebook, go to Tricia's Nail Artistry.  Please leave her comments below.


  1. This is spooky awesome, Great job Tricia =)

  2. this is awesome!! fantastic job Tricia <3

  3. i love that color club red glitters.. so cute! good for halloween!


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