Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Post - Halloween Hello Kitty Nail Art with Tricia

Hi, today I decided to do a Halloween design with one of my favorite characters- Hello Kitty. I usually paint my kitty free-hand but ever since I got the Hello Kitty stamping plate I use that more often for my nail art since its much faster and easier than doing freehand, especially when I don't have too much free time. 
For this design, I used 2 shades of black for stamping: Konad's black stamping polish and Color club's where's the soiree, to compare the stamping difference. The Konad black is obviously the best, but Where's the soiree is pretty good also, by far the best black I have tried stamping with other than Konad's black.

Things I used:

Color club
Pretty in platinum 
Where's the soiree
Konad black stamping polish

Stamping Plates 
Hello Kitty image plate
BM 209
BM 13

Northern lights hologram topcoat

1) Paint nail in Pretty in Platinum.

2) Using the hello kitty image plate, stamp Kitty design using Where's the soiree.

3) Using BM 209, stamp hat image to cover kitty bow.

4) Using BM 13, stamp spiders and web image.

5) Finish up with Hologram topcoat.

Color clubs can be bought at 
Bundle monster plates can be bought
Hello Kitty Image plate can be bought at
Northern lights hologram top coat can be bought st Sally's beauty supply.

Thank you so much Tricia for bring us this very cute Hello Kitty Design.  Please leave Tricia a comment below and follow her on her Facebook at Tricia's Nail Artistry.


  1. this is really cute! I've ever thought about using more than one stamp on a nail. You can do alot because your nails are so long =)

  2. this is genius! i love how the way she put that witch hat over hello kitty's bow..


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