Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guest Blog - How to Match Your Lipstick With Your Nails: Two-Toned Colors by Ambi Carter of

How to Match Your Lipstick With Your Nails: Two-Toned Colors 
by Ambi Carter of

1. Use two different shades of lipsticks and nail polish in the same color family.
2. For lips, place the darker shade on the outside and the lighter in the center. Add a little gloss over the lighter shade to pump up the volume.
3. For nails, polish one side of your nails with the lighter color 1/4 the way of the nail. Apply 2 coats and let it dry.
4. Fill in the unpainted part of the nail with the darker color. Apply 2 coats. (Using tape can help make a straight line if the polish is completely dry)
5. Once the polish is dry add a top coat of clear for a finished look.

Urban Outfitters: Bandeau and Binge (2 coats w/ clear polish on top)

Outer Perimeter of Lips, MUFE #15 Pearly Violet and MAC Bloggers Obsession Lipglass All My Purple Life
Center of Lips, Covergirl Berry Bling
Color on Lashline, MUFE Matte Eyeshadow 092 Purple
Mascara, Tarte' Gifted

Thank you so much for doing this Guest Blog Amberly.  This really brings something new to my blog that hasn't been done before.  Everyone please leave Amberly a comment below and here's all her information to follow on her blog and other social media outlets.
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