Friday, September 16, 2011

September Julep Maven Box

I have received my second Julep Maven Box and wanted to share it with my followers.  In it I received the SPF30 Handcream, Essential Cuticle Oil, Amy and Lucy Polishes, the Julep Glass Nail File and a Multi-Use Tool.  It came packed in a nice black box and inside the box is a nice paper bag (shown in the background), all their products are packaged very well.  A letter and little note card was also enclosed.

I love the roller ball on the Essential Cuticle Oil and the smell reminds me of a fruity cereal.  The nail file has more of a rough texture than some of the other glass/ceramic files that I've use, but works well when you are taking some length off of your nails.  The multi-use tool is a sewing kit, comb, lint brush, shoe horn, and mirror combined.

The first polish I have to show you is Amy, she is a medium blue turquoise cream color.  I applied her over a base coat, 2 coats of color and a fast drying top coat.  All the Julep polishes that I have used so far are very opaque and cover in 1 or at least 2 coats.

The next color is Lucy, she is a dark burgundy with a brownish tint cream.  I applied Lucy the same as Amy and coverage was great.  Lucy is more of my kind of color especially with fall/winter approaching us soon.

Julep started the Maven program recently and they have had several kinks and setbacks which I think have been addressed or being addressed.  I have received great customer service/personal service from them and can only speak for myself.  Any company will have some problems when starting a new program and I hope everything has been worked out.  If you would like to give the Julep Maven Program a try, you can like their facebook:  Julep Nail Parlor *update* use code FB and get your first Maven box for $5.  Normal price is $19.99 per month,  you can pause a subscription for a month, send it to a friend or cancel at anytime.  You can use one of the links in my post or the one on my sidebar and I will get a $15 credit for each person who signs up.  Please drop me a line letting me know if you do decide to give Julep a chance.  What do you think about the box I got this month?


  1. I love those colors! I was looking at Amy and scrolling I was like thats a really nice color, then I saw Lucy and was like I love that color! I think you got a really good book. I cant wait to get mine next month!

  2. Lucy is gorgeous, and this is an interesting program! I had never heard of it before, but it's good to hear that your experiences have been good with it :)

  3. I want to do a mani with a med teal and a dark burgandy almost brown...I've always liked that combo.

    sorry, seeing the colors reminded me.

  4. Woo, nice box! I'm coveting the cuticle oil. The multi-use tool is a weird inclusion but the polishes look great.

  5. I love the turquoise one! it's so pretty!
    I've never used any Julep products before but I really wanna try now! They seem really great!

  6. Use code FB and get your first box for only $5!!!!

  7. I like Julep! I haven't received my September box yet but I'm excited to receive it!

    Love Amy!

  8. Wow, I thought there was only one polish in the September box! Seems you got lucky :)

  9. The boxes are individualized depending on the quiz answers. My September box was different but great. I hope I get that glass file in my next box, I'd love that.

  10. Did you order the second nail polish separately, because the Sept box only includes one nail polish.

  11. Now that you say that I think it was only suppose to include one, but I did a shelf pull, so maybe things got a little confused or maybe because I was one of their first Mavens.


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