Friday, September 23, 2011

CLOSED*** It's My Birthday Giveaway Open 24 hours only! Sept 23rd

It's my Birthday - September 23rd!  Most of you know one of my favorite polishes is Deborah Lippmann, so what better to give away on MY Birthday?  You got it, a brand new bottle of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday Polish!  As she describes it, it's a party in a bottle!  This giveaway is for my true blue readers/followers.   This polish retails for $18.  So Good Luck!  Winner will be announced on Sunday!

Now for the details, this giveaway is open Internationally, and will run from September 23, 2011, 12:00am to MIDNIGHT (11:59pm)EST.  So you only have 24 hours to enter.  Just leave a comment below with your GFC name. On Facebook leave a comment under the post or Twitter me back about the Giveaway.  I also want you to leave a short paragraph of your most memorable Birthday and the Month & Day of  your Birthday!  That way if you follow me all 3 ways, you will have 3 entries.  Duplicates will be disqualified.!

I'm going to start doing little surprise giveaways like this more frequently and see who my real readers are.  I want to reward them and share with them some of the goodies I get.  I will only post this blog post, then it posts on my facebook and then to my twitter readers.  So you have a pretty good chances of winning.  You must contact me within 48 hours after notification, or I will pick a new winner!  Good Luck!


  1. dude, GFC is Jenprewitt

    c'moooooooooon make me a winner.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday MAMA JEAN!!!

  2. My GFC is Red Stewart, and you know how much I love you and your blog - what a great giveaway!!!

    My most memorable birthday would have to be when I was a kid... maybe 8 years old. My Dad took me to his place of work (he was in the air force at the time). I remember the doll I had just been given as a present - it was a Yes/No Doll... with strategically placed buttons, you could make her nod or shake her head. Loved that doll, but love going with my Dad to his work way more!!! Whenever officers saluted as we walked by, I would salute back too!

    My birthday is November 5. :o)

    Thanks again, Jeanie!! <3

  3. Jeanne From NC

    happy cake and candles day!

  4. Happppy Birthday!! <3

    GFC prncesssarah02

  5. AWESOME!!!

    GFC: DebbyL


    It's hard for me to pick a favorite birthday moment. My favorite was this last year when my hubby suprised me and took me to the Sox game and such. I never get suprised so it was nice <3

    My Birthday is May 1st :D

  6. OOPS my bday is Dec 2 :)
    Most memorable birthday... would have to be 2 years ago when my fiance surprised me with my very first football tickets to a steelers/lions game such a surprise and soo muh fun!!

  7. Me first! My GFC name is Shannon Brown. My favorite birthday was my 18th. I was given the Agnor wallent I really wanted. Inside was $18 from each member of my family. I still use the wallet. My b-day is July 15



    <3 Shannon

  8. Alibee! Alison! Yo mama! Happy birthday!!!

  9. Alison!

    Happy birthday! I no longer really celebrate my birthday as anything other than a reason to get people to eat dinner with me. I hope someone cooks you something delish today!

  10. GFC is Shally

    My most memorable b-day was when I was 8 I had a skating party and my best friend fell down and sprained her ankle. Then, because I had short hair, the dj said I was a boy. It was memorable. lol!

  11. GFC head milf in charge

    Sadly to say but my most memorable bday is my 21st bday bc my grandfather passed away the same day =(

    I hope you have a wonderful bday snickerdoodle

  12. gfc crystal

    Happy Birthday Mama Jeanie!!!!! <3

  13. Happy birthday! My GFC should be Kristen Brastad.

    My most memorable birthday was my birthday last year when my man gathered up all my friends for a night out at a dueling piano bar.

    My birthday is the day after yours - September 24!

  14. Happy birthday!! My birthday is June 6, and my most memorable birthday was actually my 1st grade birthday. Maybe I'm idealizing it in my head, but my Dad showed up to pick me up from school, with a milkshake in the car for me, and we both went out to lunch. He'd never picked me up or gone out with just me, and it was amazing. I'm still a Daddy's girl :)

  15. Happy Birthday!!

    My most memorable birthday is either when I turned 7 or 8. It was the first party that I had that wasnt shared with my baby sister, whose birthday is only 4 days after mines. It was a skating party, and my WHOLE family showed up. I had a really cool cake and they shouted my name out over the intercom. I just felt really special that day... My birthday is May 4th!

  16. My GFC is

    My birthday is April 14th

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st. My dad took me to Las Vegas and we stayed at Rio for $20 a night. I didn't win any money, but it was my first time gambling and I just got to have fun with my daddy!!

  17. Happy Birthday to you!

    My GFC is Allison Lanier

    Birthday: 11/3

    Ummm. . . . most memorable b-day would probably be when I showed up for school during my senior year of HS (surprised I can remember that far back. LOL) and my best friend had taped a huge "Happy Birthday" banner and balloons across the front of the main building. I love surprises! Twenty-five years later, she and I are still friends. :)

  18. My GFC is filmgal500. Happy Birthday!

    My most memorable birthday was last year -- my baby was a month old and it was our first celebration with her. My birthday is Nov 12th. Thanks for the chance!

  19. Happy birthday! Mine is March 23, which makes my half birthday YOUR birthday.

    I follow via GFC.
    I commented/follow on Twitter.
    I commented/follow on Facebook.


  20. Happy birthday!

    My birthday is October 31st :D Halloween! My most memorable birthday had to be when I went to a local bar with a bunch of friends.. I expected maybe two or three people to show up, but a ton did, and it was loads of fun. I had a great time.

    My GFC is Sammi by the way. :)

  21. Happy Birthday!

    My GFC name is Sarah Crawford

    My most memorable birthday was just this past summer, my daughter was old enough to sing me Happy Birthday (she's two) and it was just so sweet I cried! My birthday is June 5th :)

  22. Happy Birthday, Jeanie mama! :)

    GFC: Bluegirl8888 (AKA Tina T.)

    Birthday: 08/17

    My most memorable birthday was this past birthday. My hunnie surprised me with a beautiful custom made Mashimaru cake that had a dusty purple jewelry box on the side that held my engagement ring! :)

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday! :)

  23. Happy Birthday

    GFC HollyG222

    My most memorable birthday was this last year. My mom threw me a birthday party. Its the last birthday Ill have had her with me. I guess its why I will always remember it.

  24. oops my birthday is Day of the Dead. November 2nd 1981

  25. Following you via GFC.

    My most memorial birthday was when my friends baked me delicious cupcakes and sprayed with whip cream. I got my revenge when it was their birthdays.

    br0wnieluver [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. Happy Birthday Mama Jeanie =]!

    GFC is Lindsey =]

    Lets see...birthday memory...i think my favorite birthday so far was my 18th birthday! I was totally random... I rented a bounce house and cotton candy machine and just had a BLAST with me friends =]! My cake was hilarious though...lets just say it looked nothing like the picture =P MAJOR cake wreck. =P

    Thanks for the giveaway, darling =]!

  27. OOPS! Don't disqualify me...i just forgot to say my birthday is January 22 =P =]

  28. Happy Birthday!
    GFC conniewest3

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 16 and got my drivers license. Yeah, a long time ago but thats the only one that sticks out in my mind.

  29. My name is Michelle Brandley and my birthday is April 13th. It's hard to pick my favorite birthday since I share my birthday with my best friend Michelle! Every birthday is so much fun! Our 21st/22nd birthday was particularly fun because we got to go out for the first time as a group.
    Happy Birthday!

  30. GFC Kara Lough
    Best birthday was last year! My bf got me tickets to go see Ozzy! 2/1
    Happy birthday!

  31. happy birthday Jeanie!!!!!
    gfc: manicured monkey!/manicuredmonkey/status/117101641584480257
    and on fb :D

  32. Happy Birthday!!

    GFC: Kelly Tomlinson

    My 21st Birthday was the best! I went out with a huge group of girlfriends to a bar. We ran that place that night! Drank too much, and flirted with boys. ;-)

  33. Oops... I forgot to include this... January 19th.

  34. Name – Sudhaa Gopinath
    GFC Follower – Sudhaa
    Email –
    Commented in Facebook – Sudhaa Gopinath
    Most Memorable Birthday – Well this B’day was the most memorable for the wrong reason. During one of my b’day no one remembered it. Not a friend called me or wished me. Even worse was, one of my best friend’s sister’s b’day is also on the same day but she failed to call me. It was the saddest b’day!!!!
    Birth date – 17th Feb

  35. Happiest of birthdays to you Jeanie!

    My GFC is ProudMary

    My best birthday memory is of a skating party I had when I was about 10. ALL of my friends were there and we had a great time skating to songs like 'Jessie's Girl' and 'Footloose' LOL.

    My birthday is February 7th. :)

  36. Name: Dania
    GCF: Miami Nails On The Cheap

    Happy B-Day!! I turn 25 on December 17 of this year and I have to say that my favorite b-day was my 12th because it was the first birthday I had as a US resident. I had moved here with my parents just 2 months before from Cuba and it was all so new to me and I loved all the pretty gifts I got. =)

  37. Happy Birthday!!
    GFC: Lw

    My most memorable birthday would be this year when I flew to Hong Kong to watch my favorite soccer team play at the Hong Kong stadium!!
    Birthdate: 3 July

  38. Hi my love! It's still the 22nd here- my hubby's birthday... but, happy birthday!!!!!

    My GFC is Definitely Addicted :)

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st... April 25. Back in college with all of my friends, we all went out at midnight. It was nice and simple, just like I like :)

  39. GFC is Matte Look!/MatteLook/status/117115937651564545

    My fav bday was my 22nd bday. I got married on Feb 19th and my bday is Feb 22nd. So I was on my honeymoon in Vegas!

  40. hi! thanks and happy birthday!!!
    GFC: Kellyta
    My most memorable birthday was my 20! I had a surprise party =D


  41. gfc tracey arredondo

    happy birthday! mine is march 12th

    my favorite was my 40th, best cake ever

  42. gfc tracey arredondo

    happy birthday! mine is march 12th

    my favorite was my 40th, best cake ever

  43. GFC: Liz

    when i found out i was going to be a mommy!!

  44. WOOOOOOOO!!! *queues music*

    Happy Birthday to you ... You have so much to do ... So pick me as the winner ... and send polish too!

    My GFC is Shatter me Claire ... my birthday is on April 7 and my all time favourite birthday was when I was for my 5th and my grandparents took me to Disneyland which looking back on it was totally crazy as you don't take your grandkids overseas for a birthday?? Can't remember too much about it but I just remember being so happy and excited

    ow for the details, this giveaway is open Internationally, and will run from September 23, 2011, 12:00am to MIDNIGHT (11:59pm)EST. So you only have 24 hours to enter. Just leave a comment below with your GFC name. On Facebook leave a comment under the post or Twitter me back about the Giveaway. I also want you to leave a short paragraph of your most memorable Birthday and the Month & Day of your Birthday! That way if you follow me all 3 ways, you will have 3 entries. Duplicates will be disqualified.!

  45. hope you have a good bday.
    hmm my bday is dec 12
    i guess i had a good birthday last year. i had planned a dinner party with some friends. and dancing. i was glad that people actually came. lol

  46. Happy Birthday to you!

    Mine was August 3rd.
    My most memorable was last year. I went with my friends in really elegant dresses to a party in town.
    That was fun :-D
    I share my birthday with my grandpa, so i usually celebrate with my family at home.

    °Kati° (GFC)

  47. GFC: Carmen Yeung

    happy birthday Jeanie!! many thanks for the surprise giveaway, it's such an awesome prize!!

    my bday is Sept 1, and my best bday memory was the one that has just passed, where my bf took me to a very extravagant dinner. I felt really spoiled rotten! :D

    I hope your hubby will spoil you silly too on your special day! x

  48. I just want to comment and tell you....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN!!!!

    My fav bday was this years, Cause I spent it with my awesome family in Cali!!!

  49. happy birthday to u ^^ i hope u will have many more true friends to come also many pretty branded polishes take care always ^^
    my birthday is on JULY 23 1991
    GFC: ph0ebe

  50. my memorable birthday is when im 7 years old july 23 im sooo happy that time coz lots of other kids joined me in the party and i had soooo much fun ^^

  51. GFC: Kejal
    Wish u a very happy birthday!!!
    Nice idea of a surprise giveaway!!
    My most memorable birthday was when my mom ad bro gave me 21 presents on my 21st birthday..they managed to decorate the lift to my apartment and put all presents in the lift and stuffed it with balloons!! (LOL other people thought its some kids bday)

  52. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

    My birthday is July 10th and I guess the most memorable one would be my 15th birthday. My family and I were having a vacation in France and well, for some reason, my family completely forgot about my birthday. ^^; When we had some really nice food and I said that this is great food for a birthday, they all looked quite shocked. :D

    GFC is Kayono. Thank you for being generous on your birthday :)

  53. Happy Birthday!

    My most memorable birthday was my parents held a surprised party at school for me. I really was surprised.

    GFC Ari

  54. GFC is BubblyFairy

    My birthday is Nov 18, 1989

    Happy Birthday!

  55. GFC: Line Thøgersen
    My birthday is May 5th so theres a loooong way to go haha!
    My most memorable birthday where 2 years ago where my grandparents came and saw my new apartment for the first time! They live 2 hours away and they are old, so they cant just come by :) :)

  56. Happy Birthday 'ave a good 'un!

    GFC Name: Blingernails

    My birthday is January 28th and my most memorable birthdays are memorable for the wrong reasons! I wish I had a singular birthday that stands out, but cheesy at it sounds, my family are so great they make all my birthdays special and I love them for it too!

  57. Happy B-day!!!
    Mu most memorable birthday was my 18 with all my family together!!!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  58. Happy Birthday!!!

    GFC jazzqueen64

    My most memorable birthday was my 40th, I had a huge party with all my lovely family & friends, loved it!

  59. GFC Stephanie Smith

    My birthday is May 30th. I'd have to say the most memorable is when my coworkers took me out to dinner one year with the guy I was seeing. They surprised me with one of those actors that comes around...a Dr. Ruth character.

  60. My GFC Name is tsandy12345

    MY Birthday is October 17th, And my memorable Birthday ws when I turned 21, Because I had my daughter on the 14th and on the 17th my birthday Iwas still in the hospital with her and We spent the whole day together! <3 Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance!

  61. happy bday!

    My fav birthday was my 21st, it was very special!
    GFC: Elenita


  62. Hey, I nominated you for the top ten award on my blog ^^ Check it out here:
    Thanks hunni xx

  63. What a lovely idea! Happy Birthday!

    My best birthday was my 23rd birthday when my boyfriend took me for a romantic picnic by a waterfall in a national park in Canada. It was perfect. Oh and my birthday is 5th June.

    My GFC is Jennifer Smith.

  64. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Thanks so much for being uber generous on your birthday!

    GFC: Alice
    Twitter: @the_stradler

    My birthday is April 3rd- and my favourite birthday memory is definitely my 21st, as I had a massive Pimps and Ho's themed party, and spent weeks planning my amazing outfit.....but my corset broke at about 9pm! So I had to wear a HUGE man's t-shirt from the barman to save my dignity (which was totally stinking) but I had such a laugh with all my friends and whenever I look at pictures of that night and my ridiculous ensemble it makes me smile!



    GFC; TrailerHood CHic

    My most memorable is a toss up between my 21st and 30th. I was drunk and blacked out for most of both....but for my 21st, my mom had to have my bouncer friend pick me up out of the bathroom and carry me out to the car. The bouncers never let me live that down. LoL My birthday is November 15th!

  66. uhh I suppose my GFC name is Rose lol My birthday is November 11th. My moms birthday is the day after I guess I was a present? :) Anywho, my most memorable birthday must have been when I turned 8. My mom bought tshirts, puffy paints, make up (oh lord all the make up) and allowed me to invite friends over. It was the bestest birthday ever! Making shirts..playing dress up..and the next morning, she was making US pancakes. She's a trooper, and a fantastic mom!

    Love ya Jeanie, I really do hope you have a lovely day! <3

  67. Happy birthday!
    My birthday is February 11, and my most memorable birthday was when I got to go see the Spice Girls reunion with three of my best friends. It was such a great night, being able to relieve our childhoods and spend time together :)

    GFC: OPI Addict

  68. Happy Birthday!
    GFC is Jazzy Linda

    Since I am old, my most memorable birthday is the most recent, 'cause that's all I can remember ;-) Last birthday (49yo, ugh) I showed up to work and there were balloons everywhere and the stage was decorated (I teach dance aerobics). And when it was time for class to start, my students spontaneously broke into a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday"

    Thank you for all you do with your blog. Reading it is one of the highlights of my day!

  69. gfc: patricia2161

    Happy Birthday Jeanie <3 I hope you have a wonderful birthday ^_^
    My birthday is October 7 :) and my favorite memory from my birthday has to be my whole family and my mom's (side) family (which 3 of us at the time had birthdays around the same time) so we celebrated it all together I loved it it seriously was a wonderful birthday. ^_^

  70. Happy Birthday!!!!
    My GFC Anne

    My most memorable birthday was my 21st birthday. Going out with friends, having a great time and making a lot of noise:) While we were out my friends had everybody we met sing happy birthday to me *Red Face*
    Happy Birthday again:)


  71. Happy birthday Jeanie!

    GFC: khuuphoria

    My most memorable birthday was earlier this year on May 31st when I was having dinner with my boyfriend and my best friend and her boyfriend, and when I rocked up, turns out he had planned a surprise for me with all my closest friends!

    Thank you for having a lovely birthday giveaway, hope you have a lovely day!

  72. GFC: Jodi Davis

    Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

    My bday is Oct 5 (soon..yay!)..Last year me and 4 of my closest friends went to a resort in Pa with an excellent spa.. Got an awesome mani/pedi... good times :)

  73. Happy Birthday dear! Enjoy a lot!:)

    My birthday is on 2nd August and the most memorable one(s) r which I celebrated in school :P

    Include me in the giveaway too :)
    GFC: Pooja_G


  74. Happy Birthday!

    My GFC name in Darlene Anderson

    My birthday is May 30!

    My most memorable birthday was when I turned 25 -- my best friend, her parents and my parents threw me a surprise party at a restaurant. I knew I was going out to eat for my b-day but I didn't know they'd be there and it was a party. It was a lot of fun.

    Hope you have a great day!

  75. Happy Birthday!

    GFC: Fashion Footing

    My favorite birthday was my 24th, because I had a big celebration with all of my friends! Bowling, drinking and dancing! It was a lot of fun :-)

    My birthday is April 20th.

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  76. GFC: Mary Plummer

    My favorite birthday memory was when my husband hid my engagement ring in a rose. I didn't see it at first since he hid it so well. My birth date is April 25.

  77. My GFC is Erika

    Last year was one of my most memorable, yes it was only last year so of course I remember it, but it was special because now that I have lived out of my home town for 5+ yrs, usually I wind up having to travel to NY to see friends and family around my birthday, but last year my boyfriend threw me a party and 3 of my best friends drove up here as a surprise to be there for the party, I had no idea they were coming cause they had RSVPd "No" cause they wanted me to think they weren't :)

    My Birthday is September 30 :D


  78. My GFC name is Nails by ScarsLikeLace (Amber Hess on Facebook).

    My most memorable birthday, which is on October 11th, was when I turned 21, but not for the reason everyone would think. It was my first birthday being married. I DIDN'T get drunk, only had 1 drink, but it was fun because all of my closest friends showed up.

  79. GFC: Sweet As Honey Blog

    My most memorable birthday was my 6th birthday when my parents took me to Disney World. It was pretty awesome! My birthday is Sept. 20th and today, Sept. 23rd is my 5th wedding anniversary.

    Happy Birthday!!

  80. Hi, please enter
    My GFC is Cristina
    I left you a coment in your facebook as Cristina Gondos
    I also twitted about tha giveaway!/GondosCristina/status/117253688493477889
    My memorable birthday was 2 years ago when my fiancé made me a surprise birthday party, where were all of our friends, I had a really good time. XoXo

    My most memorable birthday was waaaaaay back when I was four. I lived out in the middle of nowhere, so my friends were all people who lived close. My best friend was the boy who lived a couple of miles away and we spent EVERY DAY together. He wasn't able to make it to my party, so he told his mom he wanted to go shopping for me and he picked out, all by himself, a little white teddy bear that had a red sweater that said "I <3 You" on it. It was SO sweet. I had that bear until it got ruined in a flood. :(
    My birthday is on Oct. 7

  82. I'm a gfc follower. Ashley Hewell.

    Have a great b-day!

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  83. first of all Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing Birthday Weekend full of fun!

    i think i follow as manicureaddict.

    most memorable bday for me was when my husband made a giant plant globe out of newspaper and filled it full of presents and hung it from the celling fan so when i came in i pretty much was floored at this giant plant birthday thing full of goodies just for me. 9/17 .

    nice giveaway! very exciting since this is one i don't have : )

  84. Of course, this is the perfect birthday polish, right? Cute!
    Anyway, my own birthday is coming up - December 16th! My GFC name is Nicole and email is nicole AT
    Okay, haha I wrote you a long book about my favorite birthday and figured I'd better shorten it up, might drive you crazy!
    I had a really good friend who flew me up to Boston for the weekend when I turned 29. It was SO much fun, and she even took me for a day to visit Salem, which I adored. It was a blast!
    I hope you're having a wonderful day. :) Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  85. Happy 29th Birthday!!!!

    GFC: donnamccrudden

    My birthday is 6/11/76. :) I turned 35 this year and my husband made sure that I got everything I wanted this year. I didn't ask for much, just a trip to my salon and nail polish! He went to my stylist and set up an appointment for me and got an Ulta gift card. It made turning 35 a little less of a punch in the gut. :)

  86. GFC: Kari

    My most memorable birthday was every single one I got to spend with my father. He had a tradition as we got older to get us "mistake" cakes for our birthdays. Like, instead of saying "Happy Birthday, Kari" it would say "Bon Voyage, Carmelita". He would joke that the store messed it up so he got it for a discount and we would laugh and laugh. I miss my daddy, every day, but this memory always makes me smile. My birthday is May 10th.

    Happy birthday, sweetheart!

  87. Happy Birthday Jeanie :)

    GFC: preciouspearl
    email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

    My most memorable b'day was last year when I was leaving home for my studies & my mom threw a surprise b'day party for me :)

    My birthday is April 7th.


  88. Happy Birthday!!!

    GFC- rachlovespenguins
    birthday- nov 7
    My most memorable birthday- when I was about 14 my mother asked my best friend and her mom if they'd like to go to Chicago with us so we could shop in the "big city" LOL. We stayed at a "posh" hotel, had room service, and then we walked around until our feet felt like they were going to fall off. Funny though, but I can't remember if i bought a thing! :)

  89. GFC NAME: Em
    My most memorable bday was when my BFF planned a bday lunch/present for me and another friend and we had a party at lunch. That was the same year of my bat mitzvah so that was special too. :) m/d Mar 1st

  90. GFC - Nicefacee

    January 8

    *My favorite birthday memory was this year, 2011. It was my 20th birthday and my mom got me a barbie cake! One of those big ones where the barbie is in the middle. It was so pretty and pink, brought me back to my childhood for a while! She didn't think we would be able to finish all the cake, but luckily enough, more of family and friends showed up than expected!

  91. GFC- Holly

    When I was 5 or 6 (forget which), I got a special birthday cake from my Aunt Suzie. It was a My Little Pony cake and it came complete with a pony on it. This was one of the old school velvet ponies. She was light green with a red mane and tail and her name was Skippity-Do. I loved that cake and still have a pic of me with it! Happy birthday Jeanie, I hope those puppies are treating you well!
    My birthday is January 25th!

  92. GFC ; Toyomi .
    Septermber17th ; My most memorable birthday moment was this year actually. I went out to eat with all my closest friend as 17 years old . IT was different because we all sort of felt like adults. I got the presents and just got to spend time with the people I love .

  93. Happy b'day! Let's see - this is your 18th b'day again right???? Or would you prefer to be 24 forever? Your choice because it's YOUR DAY.

    My b'day is Oct 31st - yeah - Halloween!

    My most memorable b'day was when I turned 22. I had no invites to go out and was just going to play the marter well and pass out candy to kids for Halloween. I had some kids come. Then a knock and it was a guy I had this major secrete crush on. He brought something to drink or some food. About 15 mins later 2 more folks knocked and dropped by with some food/beverage as well. It was a good 1.75 hrs before there were maybe 15 really good friends there and my neighbor brought a Huge cake enough to feed 40 that he (the gourmet chef) made. Then it dawned on me. My house mate had spread the word and had friends come over at staggered arrival times. I had no idea it was a surprise party for me for quite some time! My house being only a block up from the beach in So. CA then, was often an impromptu gathering place. I had the best music collection, a real house with real furniture (vs the floor only like most my age). Everyone was ready to play along until I 'got it' that it was a surprise party at my own house for me!!! It was a brilliant night and an equally brilliant idea of how to stage a party and not have me realize it was anything out of the normal until that 'normal' # gathering was exceeding coincidence of about 6 or 7 folks showing up at my house any other night.

  94. peripatetic33 - GFC
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com

    Happy Birthday
    my birthday is March 13th
    i was born on Friday the 13th
    my most memorable birthdays was 20 because i got a thoughtful gift from a special someone

  95. GFC: KayJay

    Happy, happy birthday! Hope you've been enjoying my day. One of my most memorable birthdays was a few years ago when hubby surprised me with a party where he invited all of our friends and I got a kindle. One of the best gifts ever.

  96. Yay! Happy Birthday! I just turned 18 -13 days ago! September birthdays rock! I guess my favorite birthday was when I had all my friends at my house and we all played in the fields. The other girls were sooo fascinated cause we live on a farm and they were from the city. I felt bad though cause one girl had her new shoes on and my parents got in trouble with her mom.
    hope its a good one! :)
    my gfc - gerlclan ... i think lol. im kinda new at this.


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