Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guest Post - Glow In The Dark Polish with Harri of TrailerHood Chic

Hey y'all!  My name is Harri you can find my blog over at TrailerHood Chic.  Jeanie is popping my guest post cherry so to speak.  I am a make-up and polish addict.  I like to express myself with my nails and wear pretty colors, but that's about as girly as I get.

I recently showed the Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers in Purple Potion ( on my blog and just couldn't leave it alone.  I decided to layer some other polishes over it to see what it looked like.

So, below I decided to use 2 layers of Pure Ice Heart Breaker over top of Purple Potion.  Heart Breaker is an extremely sheer polish with blue/green shimmer.  It's better as a layering polish and wanted something that didn't hide the purple.  I think it's so pretty.  Green & Purple, who could resist?

Then, just because I can't leave well enough alone, I threw a coat of WnW Fantasy Makers Night Glow (Glow In The Dark) on top.  

I couldn't get it to glow enough for a pic after applying a top coat & probably should've put another layer over top to help out.  I'll try it next time.

Feel free to come visit me over at TrailerHood Chic.  I have 2 current giveaway's. Thank you Jeanie for letting me ramble on your blog!


Thanks Harri for bringing us your beautiful nails and Manicure!  This is our first GITD (Glow In The Dark) Mani.  Please let Harri know what you think about her post and visit her on her blog!


  1. That is what I am missing from my collection. A glow in the dark nail polish. Great swatch!

  2. I love that Pure Ice polish over that base! Looks great. I have some glow in the dark polish that I can't wait to use. I am saving it for Halloween haha!

  3. BEAUTIFUL combo, Harri! I never would have thought of those two together!

  4. Love the combination! I might have to pick up Heart Breaker the next time I am at Walgreens!

    <3 Shannon


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