Wednesday, September 28, 2011

China Glaze - Metro Collection Fall 2011 - Glitters

I wanted to start off showing you some of the China Glaze Metro Collection.  The first 3 will be the Glitters.

The first is CG In The City, it is a Multi-color Glitter in a Clear Base, I used 3 coats for coverage.  It is beautiful!  Went on very smooth and was not a real bumpy glitter.

The next Glitter from the Metro Collection is Sky Scraper.  It is a Silver and Blue Glitter in a Jelly Base.  I again used 3 coats.  Application was great.

The last Glitter from The China Glaze Metro Collection is Midtown Magic.  It is a dark blackened burgandy with gold flakes in it.  This also went on very smooth and I used 3 coats.

I do have the rest of the Metro Collection, I will be bringing them to you a few at a time.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did trying them out!  Let me know what you think!


  1. These were the first 3 I bought in the Metro collections. I really fell hard for Skyscraper - love that it's not a bright blue but more of a denim blue.

  2. I *love* all three of these! They're so pretty.

  3. I love the blue one best. With CG in the City I used it over a lavender polish and it was beautiful. I didn't like it on its own though.

  4. Oh great! I love Midtown Magic... beautiful!


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