Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail Polish Swap from Hong Kong

Hi Everyone!

Whew, just finished with all my packages from my giveaway, that took several hours but my readers are so worth it.  I hope the winners enjoy their prizes as much as I did picking them out and doing the giveaway.

Anyway, I received something for me today!  A nail polish swap from a "polish friend" in Hong Kong.  I love doing this and getting new polishes that I otherwise wouldn't have a chance to experience.  I sent her some of the new China Glaze Metallic Crackles, Zoya's and a Teal Toes polish, to find out more about Teal Toes and Ovarian Cancer awareness click here for Facebook and here for their website, it will be one of my first Causes to bring awareness to and do a small giveaway of their polish on my blog...stay tuned for that later this month.

Back to my swap from Hong Kong.  Here are a few pictures, you can click to enlarge!  Hope you enjoy them, I can't wait to swatch them for you.

This brand is BK (I think).  The bottles say diamond dust (which means holo) 
on the front and they are .2 oz (mini size).  Color numbers are 20, 2, 5 & 17.

1st polish is an Essence, Ballerina Backstage in 05 Grand Plie' in Black.
2nd is a Sasatinnie mini in SME303.
3rd is a Skin Food Polish in a very pretty purple glitter.

This brand is Sasatinnie, the colors are FCGL002, FCW034 and  FCGL001.
All very pretty, not sure if they have names or just numbers.

I also have a swap from the Netherlands that I did recently that I need to show you pictures of and do swatches of.  Another one from Poland soon and from the Philippines.   What do you think about these polishes and have you had the opportunity to try any of them?  Are there any polishes from another country that you have been looking for and wanting to try? 


  1. This is really cool, especially the BK polishes. They kind of look like the new bottles at Ulta. I can't wait to do my first international swap!

  2. What a great swap! Can't wait to see the BK and Essence polishes. :)

  3. Wow great swap!!
    Have fun with all this!

  4. OMG you got BK 20? Kirsten and I are dying...HUGE LEMMING over here

  5. I swatched them all on one finger last night. All I can say is Wow!!!

  6. Those last three look DELICIOUS! Great haul. Totally jealous over here.

  7. These look great, cant wait to see all your swatches! I get all the european brands but the ones i'd love to swap for would be china glazes and opis :)

  8. Audrey, let me know. I'm up for a swap, where are you from? You can email me at too.

  9. oh great! I love these BK polihes!


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