Saturday, August 13, 2011

Color Club Gold and Silver Fractured Polishes - Guest Post from Tricia

I decided to do some crackled nail art today, ignore the messed up cuticles, I've been lazy... With so many crackle polishes out, I decided to just use Color Club's Gold and Silver fractured polishes as well as Color Club's nail polishes. I have fallen in love with Art club's sealer, its very similar to seche vite top coat, it gives the same great shine and dries just as fast, but its DBP,toluene and formaldehyde free.It's thicker than regular top coats so it holds decals in place very good, and its perfect for applying over stamping, no smudges :x lovestruck

1) Paint nails in Nothing but truffle
2) Apply Tattered in Gold (Gold fractured)
3) I added some stripes with art club's yellow and gold striper.
4) Added some glitter hexagons and finish off with art club's sealer.

1) Paint nails in yule love it (I love this red-its red glitter in a red tinted polish)
2) Apply broken tokens (silver fractured)
3) Add silver star decals and finish off with Art club's sealer.

Thank you Tricia for sharing the fractured polishes with us, they look great. What's your favorite fracture/shatter/crackle polish brand and color? You can also follow Tricia on her facebook at Tricia's Nail Artistry.

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