Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nail Art - July 4th Theme - Guest Blogger Tricia

This is a July 4th inspired nail art theme from Tricia!  Hope you enjoy it!

1) Paint nail in black, add white hearts (either painted or stamped, these were stamped)
2) Stick on silver stars diagonally between heart shapes.
3) In the white heart, paint a blue corner and add red stripes to form a USA flag design. 

4) Add some silver glitter over the blue colored part to give the illusion of stars. Finish with top coat.

Love the heart flags and the stars!  Let Tricia know what you think of them too.  You can friend her on facebook at Tricia's Nail Artistry.


  1. I really like the flag hearts... The others just seemed eh. Great idea though!

  2. The white hearts? I think that was a step before she painted them to make them flags.

  3. The flag hearts are very cute! Thanks for the cute idea!

  4. OMG, her designs get better as the week goes by! This ones my fav.

  5. This beautiful . I love the idea of the hearts .


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