Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nail Art - Aquarium Scene - Nail Artistry By Tricia


Hi, I did an aquarium nail and added some pre-made shells/star fish.

Things used- 
  • White nail tip, clear nail tip (smaller size, can be cut down to make small)
  • Clear acrylic, Glitter 
  • Decals-sea shells, star fish, flat holographic hearts.
  • Ibd intense seal

1) Seal sides of tips together with clear acrylic, leave a space between both tips large enough for the decals to fit and move freely around. Fill with flat decals and using a syringe, fill with water.
2) Seal entire tip with clear acrylic, while still wet, press the decals (in this case I used shells/star fish) and apply glitter around the edges and in between the decals.
3)finish off with Ibd Intense seal.

Tricia, this is absolutely beautiful, you are so talented!  To follow Tricia on facebook click here:  Tricia's Nail Artistry.


  1. Don't know if it's just me and my browser, but the pictures aren't showing up. I bet they're gorgeous though!

  2. Hope it's working now. I had copied and pasted the pictures and sometimes that doesn't work.

  3. Whoaaa thats insane! So much good work on this, reminds me of the seaside! Well done on this amazing look ^^


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