Thursday, July 7, 2011

Caylee Anthony - Purple Mani Day - OPI DS Original

A group of friends and polish lovers in the Nail Polish and Gossip Group on Facebook decided to dedicate July 7th, 2011 to Caylee Anthony.  It is well known that her favorite color was purple so we all are painting our nails various colors of purple for her.  We also started a Facebook public event for her:  Purple Nails for Caylee Anthony.  Everyone is welcome to join the group and the event for her, just click on the links above.

I decided to go with a polish I knew was special and that I had not tried yet, it is purple and holographic (rainbow) and thought it would be perfect to honor Caylee.  I chose OPI's DS Original.  I only have pictures that were taken inside with and without flash, will try to post more tomorrow that are taken in sunlight.

(without flash)



  1. What a gorgeous color!
    I wish I would've known about this. I JUST finished painting my nails Chanel Blue Satin. I totally would have done it for her.

  2. A very pretty shade, I can only imagine how it intensifies in the sun.

    It strikes me as very appropriate too. :]

  3. What a great event. My heart breaks every time I think of that beautiful little girl. I have purple on today so, although I knew nothing about it... My post tomorrow will reflect the sentiments here.

  4. I did a purple holo for Caylee today also. Milani Hi-Res and Ulta Tutu Cute. Rest in Peace little Angel.

  5. Wow talk about a gorgeous purple . I need this color badly . Also what beautiful cause that you are doing this for . Poor little girl .

  6. Great idea! And I like that purple holor, its gorgeous. When I glanced at the title of this post I thought you were dedicating your nails to CASEY Anthony, and I was like WHAT?! haha!

  7. I love the color. And we will be doing this again for her on her birthday.

  8. I just bought a purple holo yesterday from The Face Shop. I'll change my polish later. You picked a great color, btw!


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