Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bridal Nail Art - Guest Post By Tricia's Nail Artistry

Another beautiful design brought to us by Tricia's Nail Artistry.

When I think Bridal designs, several things come to mind- lace, pearls, floral and the color white, so I decided to bring all my ideas together to do this design. My camera does not do this design any justice, in real its beautiful, since the white flower design are stamped over the glitter base, the base glitters in between the white flowers, so its not too much glitter. Hope you like it.

1) I did an acrylic overlay using EZ Flow- Show me your beads (its a white glitter mix)
2) Using an acrylic mold, I made a white lace free edge and stuck it into the wet acrylic tip.
3) I used BM 16 plate (Full floral image stamped in white) 
4) Add some white pearls around the cuticle area.
5) Finish with IBD Intense seal, cure for 3 mins.

I love this design and Tricia's Nail Art, what do you think about it?


  1. I really like it but would have stuck with either the pearls OR the lace. I love the things she does :)


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