Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nail Art - Animal Prints - Guest Blogger Tricia

Hi Everyone,
I have been reading your comments, yes I do read them all and I listen too!  Many of you have been asking for more nail art.  So over the next few weeks, I've going to have many Guest Bloggers who will show all of you some beautiful nail art and how to do it.  I am just learning how myself, so I thought I'd ask people with more experience until I learn more.

My first Guest Blogger is Tricia from Tricia's Nail Artistry, you can follow her on facebook.  She will be Guest Blogging at least 2 more times and hopefully more :)  Her first blog is Animal Prints, they are beautiful!  Here's a list of what she used, steps to reproduce the art and pictures to follow(click to enlarge).

Leopard print:
1) paint nail with gold
2) using the sponging technique, add random brown/copper colored spots
3) add black leopard spots and finish with top coat
Tiger print:
1)Paint nail with bronze/copper
2) Sponge on some gray color at the sides of the nail
3)add black strips and finish with topcoat

For the leopard and tiger designs,I used the sponged effect to create a bit of texture.  

Zebra print:
1) paint nail white
2) add black strips and finish with top coat

Giraffe print:
1) paint nail in a shade of pale yellow
2) add brown spots randomly, and finish with top coat

Hope you like them 

Stay tuned for more nail art from Tricia and others!  Let me know what you think about it and what other nail art you would like to see!


  1. These (spoons) are just amazing, and well done, the colors shine, design is spectacular!

    I love all forms of nail art however, what I would love to see is nail art that accents the woman's outfit, like say a dress she is wearing manicure and pedicure come together as one. I have seen many woman with this and is awesome to see.

    Either the colors compliments each other or the nail art allows her outfit to shine and glow.


    George :)

  2. The color you used for the tiger is incredible! Love it!

  3. I love these! They are so chic and done so well. I would love to see brand names on nails. I've done a couple and have a post on my blog. It's not the best but it will get better in time:)
    Happy Polishing!
    <3 Paint Me Pretty

  4. i love those nail artS! i gotta try it! :)

    visit my blog :)

  5. Gorgeous animal prints :D I love them .

  6. That's really pretty! I wanna try the giraffe design!!

  7. I really like this tiger motive. Do you know any website where are these motive on e-book? I know only:


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