Thursday, June 16, 2011

It Gets Better - Supporting LGBT Month and my Friends - My Rainbow Manicure

I wanted to support my LGBT friends this month and thought this would be the perfect. This is my first polka-dot manicure.  I started with my base color of Zoya Rica which I blogged about yesterday and then used 5 more Zoya colors and a set of 5 dotting tools.  I really didn't mean to do this many dots, but for my first time, I think it turned out well.  The other 5 colors from Zoya are, Bekka, Apple, Lisa, JulieAnne and Crystal.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

You can find all of Zoya's colors at  Questions or comments are welcome.

1 comment :

  1. Love your polka dots! I just gave you the Top 10 award on my blog...see it here:


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