Saturday, June 11, 2011

Barielle's Welcome Ohm from the new Spring/Summer 2011 Karma Collection.

I have recently bought my first 2 Barielle polishes after a swap friend from Poland asked me for two.  I figured if she wanted them all the way from Poland and I had access here, I must be missing something.  Of course I was, and recently ordered 20 more from a promotion.  I received one of the new polishes from the Spring/Summer 2011 Karma Collection in my order, it is Welcome Ohm.  Barielle describes it as a Warm Cream Plum.  It is beautiful and went on smoothly and totally opaque with 2 coats. I am in love!  The first three pictures are without flash and the last one is with flash, I hope the sun is out tomorrow.

To order your Barielle colors go here: and check them out on Facebook too.
What do you think of Barielle polishes and their new Summer 2011 Collection?  I see several more I want :)


  1. Actually, this is the first I have seen of any one from that collection. And, I adore this color. Perfect for the summer season.

  2. They just released it Thursday and I received it today! And I had a b/o, they exchanged this for one of the colors that wouldn't be available soon. Great Customer Service.

  3. LMAO you see, now I'm mad...I recently ordered some stuff from Barielle and the collection was not out yet. Now I'm dying for Do Unto Others and Gotta Have Fate. -___-

    But anyway, Welcome Ohm is a really pretty color on you. I'm loving the names for these.

  4. Thank you! I can't wait to get some of the others too, they are having a promotion right now. Hopefully when they hit 10k on their facebook we'll get another good one.

  5. Jeanie, this looks so good!!! I'm so happy to see this swatch, because I ordered this, along with 3 others from the new collection on Thurs when it came out. Cant wait til they get here!!!

  6. This B barielle color reminds me so much of my favorite muted lavender shade, Sephora by OPI, "Don't Go There." It's almost a dupe, I always love that color and this shade is just as lovely..My first contact with Barielle was when Michelle of had he first collection of Barielle Shades including her famous "Mismas. I just had to buy her whole collection of 12 colors and they happen to have a buy one get one free, so the cost was very inexpensive.

    This color looks so beautiful on
    your amazing nails, which you keep so beautiful and gorgeous looking, looks ever spectacular with your skin tone and nail length.

  7. wow, this is such a pretty color, not streaky and 2 coats?! very nice!

  8. Thank you Geo! I'm loving Barielle.

    MM it was not streaky at all, even with one coat it was basically opaque, but I always have to do 2 coats.

    KayJay, have you got yours yet? Can't wait to see it.


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