Monday, June 27, 2011

3 new Wet n Wild polishes added to the 500 Follower's Giveaway!

Today I received 3 polishes to include in my "500 Followers Giveaway"!  Courtesy of Wet n Wild Beauty.  They are #237C Gray's Anatomy, #229C Ebony Hates Chris and #238C Party Of 5 Glitters, all from the Fast Dry line.

I will add these 3 new polishes to one of the Prizes in my "500 Followers Giveaway".  You can follow Wet n Wild on Facebook, Twitter or


  1. Gray's Anatomy looks like a dupe of OPI's Not Like The Movies! Yay!

  2. Gray's Anatomy is so pretty. I'm actually glad I got it instead of the OPI version :)

  3. I love Party of Five glitters - so colorful!

  4. I love the new background =) congrats on passing the 300 follower mark !!


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