Sunday, May 15, 2011

Juicy Couture Silver Glitter

This is last night's mani of Nfu-Oh #61 with an accent finger polished with Juicy Couture Silver Glitter.  The Juicy Couture Glitter set came with Gold, Pink and Silver and it had different sizes in it including hearts and came in a pretty pink box.  I wish my camera would have picked it up better, it is beautiful in person.  I will try tomorrow with a different camera and in sunlight.  The silver glitter glows like rainbows which is perfect with the Nfu-Oh #61.  The set of glitters can be found at Last Call by Neiman Marcus.  Retails $28, sale for $18, which I had a coupon code and free shipping and paid $12.60 total!

Juicy Couture Set of Three Glitter Nail Polishes  You can order from here and see much better pictures.


  1. I love the silver polish and have a woman friend who would love this more than I would. So I am going to show her this link and maybe she will come her and join and purchase your amazing silver polish.


    Mc Huggs :)


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